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Pet Trends That Are Worth The Hype

Pet Trends That Are Worth The Hype

Pet trends come and go but only some are really worth the hype. Here are some of our faves and why you should consider checking them out!

Winter Coats

Brr... winters sure get cold in Canada! A great way to warm your pup up is with a winter coat. We are obsessed with this heated winter coat from the Canadian brand - Dogora. If this isn't your style, we recommend selecting a coat that that covers their back, chest and belly area. 

Conditioner for Dogs 

Like most dog parents, you likely use shampoo when washing your dog. While shampoo is helpful for removing dirt off your pups coat, conditioner can take their fur to the next level. We recommend choosing a conditioner with simple and natural ingredients such as products from Canadian brands: Dandylion and Soos.

    Dog Events

    Leaving your pup at the door when you leave the house is hard! Well, Doggos has the perfect solution and it involves bringing your furry companion along to one of their dog-friendly events. Join their upcoming events such as their singles socials at a local brewery, yoga classes with puppies and even dog-centric outdoor festivals. These events are currently being held in Toronto with plans to expand to Montreal in March!

    Hint: You might want to grab a a ticket ASAP as they sell out quick!

    Subscription Boxes

    If you love receiving packages every month, you can’t go wrong with a subscription box! It’s also a great way to discover new products and/or services for your dog that you may have never stumbled upon otherwise.

    These subscription boxes won’t let you down:

    • Lily Pet Box - A monthly box that comes with treats, toys and tips for training at $39/box!
    • Bowzer Box - Grab a box filled with toys and treats for your dog or cat with this subscription service. They start at $35/box.
    • NutriCanine - Unlike the other subscription boxes, Nutricanine focuses on serving your doggo fresh and portioned food, starting at around $30 (depending on the breed of dog and type of subscription).

    CBD for Dogs

    Let's face it, dogs get anxious from time-to-time. From long car rides, to bath time; the trigger that sparks anxiety is unique to your pup's personality. A calming product that is trending for pups is CBD oil.

    We encourage pet parents to choose a brand that derives CBD from hemp (compared to marijuana) as it won't get your pup 'high'. Instead, the effects will help your pup be more calm when they really need it. We trust in the pet CBD oil from the Toronto-based brand Resolve CBD.


    What do you think about these pet trends? We love to see dog parents having fun with these trends and making the most of every second they share with their doggos! 

    Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with dog news and we'll see you next week with another blog. 


    Lots of love,

    Francesca & Hershey 🐾

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