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Puppy Yoga & Bubbly | Toronto

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Puppysphere Studio - 639 Queen St W. Floor 3

Experience the mood-boosting effects of spending time with puppies in Toronto's top rated puppy yoga class. This wellness experience includes a relaxing yoga class and is topped off with refreshing mimosa - it doesn't get better than this. Having hosted over 60,000 attendees since September '21, you can trust that you and your group are in good hands. 

Each Ticket Includes (75 minute puppy experience):

(1) 45 minute yoga class + 30 minutes of chill time

(1) Complimentary bubbly drinks

(1) Take-Home Polaroid  

The class is 19+ (16+ with adult supervision). 

To learn more about our themed weekends visit @thepuppysphere on Instagram.

Disclaimer: We allow guests to arrive 15 minutes before the class begins. No entry will be permitted after 20 minutes from the class start time. Participating in a puppy-inclusive class comes with inherent risks such as the potential for scratches, bites, and other serious injuries. The well-being of the animals in our classes is our first priority, as such, interaction with animals is not guaranteed in our classes. All attendees must sign the following waiver before joining a session. 

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It's good for the puppies too.

Did you know you're helping puppies socialize when you attend one of our yoga classes? Gentle handling and exposure to plenty of new people and activities help puppies build confidence and grow into happy adult dogs.

Fresh Green Juice

Enjoy a wellness boost with our selection of fresh juices.

Yoga Mats Provided

Keep your commute light - we provide yoga mats on site for your experience.

Beginner Friendly

Our classes are designed for the beginner in mind! No previous experience required.

Meet the litter.

Puppy breeds for yoga classes are announced 3 days before the scheduled class on our Instagram Stories & Story Highlights.

We partner with local breeders for our public Puppy Yoga & Bubbly classes. After each event, the puppies will return to their breeders' nurturing environment, where they continue to thrive and receive the care they deserve.

Our Standards & Puppy Wellness


Participating in a puppy-inclusive class comes with inherent risks, and it's important for participants to be aware of them. Therefore, all attendees must sign the following waiver before joining a Puppy Yoga & Bubbly session.