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Dog wearing star sunglasses with self camera icons and spotlight on it - Featured Image for Pet Influencers Blog Post

10 Trending Pet Influencers You Need to Follow

Looking to add a bit more brightness and laughter to your Instagram or Tik Tok feed? We’ve rounded up our favourite pet influencers from Ontario of 2022! So whether you’re looking for an extra dose of cuteness, informative dog-friendly content, or just an extra laugh, these accounts are sure to deliver!

Rising Stars

With an active community on their platforms - these pet influencers from Ontario are some of the rising stars that we’ve fallen in love with this year:

1. Jonny Devaney

Jonny Devaney has us rolling over with laughter with his dog imitation series “if dog breeds were people” on Instagram and on TikTok

It’s easy to see why his TikTok has over 2 million fans, and why his Instagram has 400+k followers too!

He’s even hilarious in-person too! Doggos partnered up with Jonny last May where he hosted Toronto’s first dog-friendly comedy night “Laugh Your Tail Off” at Steam Whistle Brewery. 

Instagram: @jauncydev 

TikTok: @jauncydev 

Jonny Devaney Sitting with his two dogs, Piper and Thor posing with custom pet portraits.
@jauncydev​​ from Instagram

2. Fat Tony | English Bulldog

Fall in love with the adorable, drooling birthday boy (he just turned 2 this week!) - Fat Tony the English Bulldog! 

Fat Tony loves a good self-deprecating drooling joke and you’ll find yourself falling more and more in love with his gentle eating videos, stylish outfits, and relatable dog mom videos too. The fan art Fat Tony receives will never be enough to capture his incredible cuteness. 

Fat Tony is also the King of “Weirdo Wednesdays” which highlights his silly personality and is incredibly relatable to all dog owners! Doggos has had the pleasure of working with Fat Tony who hosted a giveaway for our Howliday Market last December garnering over a thousand entries!

Instagram: @fattony_the_bulldog

Fat Tony - an English Bulldog Ontario Pet Influencer is sitting on an office chair staring at a laptop screen
@fattony_the_bulldog from Instagram​​

3. Walnut the Pom

Dog dads are not as common to come around on Instagram but @walnutpom is here to break the barriers! Get your relatable dog parenting content on Instagram with @walnutpom the fur pup model and social media influencer! 

Walnut is an adorable 9-year old strawberry blonde Pomeranian with hundreds of hilarious voiceover skits that are sure to make you laugh out loud. You’ll be entertained for hours scrolling through their feed - with hundreds of skits on what it’s like to live with such a sassy breed. So whether it’s confronting your dog on his vet bills or matching outfits, you won’t want to miss what Walnut is up to next!

Instagram: @walnutpom 

TikTok: @walnutpom 

@walnutpom in Portugal in mid-jump beside a streecar
@walnutpom ​​ from Instagram

4. Miss Pickles the Drag Pug

Love drag? Love dogs? Then you’ve GOT to check out Toronto-based dog influencer, @miss.picklesthepug. Not only is this 11-year old pug a three-time cancer survivor but she’s also Instagram’s 1st doggy Drag Queen. You’ll find all your favourite drag queens and celebrity outfits recreated (down to the very nails!) on yours truly. 

A true advocate of the LGBTQ2S+ community, you’ll also see Miss Pickles actively participating at various Pride events in Toronto! She was even one of the judges for the Rupaw’s Drag Race Fashion Runway at our very own Double D’s: Dogs & Drag event Steam Whistle Brewery.

Instagram: @miss.picklesthepug

TikTok: @miss.picklesthepug

Miss Pickles the Drag Pug in Drag
@miss.picklesthepug​​from Instagram

5. BAO the Chihuahua

Classy, elegant, and timeless - BAO’s carefully curated dog outfits (with matching glasses and accessories too) are visually stunning and absolutely drool-worthy. If you’re looking for dog outfit ideas, or you’re just looking for a really stunning dog to add to your feed, then definitely add @baothechi to your Instagram following. 

P.S. If you want a TLDR of his posh lifestyle be sure to check out this article that Narcity published last year (hello Wagyu beef, and 3 birthday cakes) about him!

Instagram: @baothechi

TikTok: @baothechi

BAO the chihuahua with his owner
@baothechi from Instagram​​

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6. Houndtario

Looking to bring your dog somewhere new in Ontario this year? Then be sure to check out the Toronto Star featured @houndtario! They're a hidden gem that you should seriously follow! Discover plenty of dog-friendly places and things to do like finding your new favourite brewery, winery, cafe, restaurant, or town!

P.S. They post a lot of dog-friendly places on their Instagram stories so be sure to regularly check out their day-to-day content too! 

Instagram: @houndtario

Houndtario sitting on a rainbow pavement at a brewery.
​​@houndtario from Instagram

7. Frankie the Mini Daschund

Don’t let her young age and her sweet puppuccino and frozen yogurt-eating antics fool you! At just a year old, this mini longhaired dachshund knows how to pawty! She stole all our hearts when she made a viral TikTok getting ready for Canada’s first night club Doggos After Dark event for dogs hosted by Doggos! 

Instagram: @frankie.liberty

TikTok: @the.frankie.liberty 

Frankie, a longhaired mini daschund is squinting while the wind blows on her
​​@frankie.liberty from Instagram

8. Dobby the Doodle

“It's leviOsa, not levioSA!” 

If you love all things Harry Potter, then you need to check out Dobby aka the Free Doodle. Dobby and her pawrents show you how they bring a bit of Harry Potter magic into their lives. Our favourite spells so far? “Stupefy” (Down) and “Go to Azkaban” (Crate) and “Duro” (Head Down)!

Instagram: @dobbyisafreedoodle

TikTok: @dobbyisafreedoodle

Dobby the doodle is posing with Harry Potter Books and paraphernalia while wearing a Gryffindor costume.

9. Penny the Pom

Personality? Goofy. 

Tail? Floofy. 

Butt? Poofy.

We’re placing our bets that miss Penny is going to be super popular in the near future! Don’t let her smaller following count fool you. Her posts are filled with snappy and cute comments and you’re almost always guaranteed a response from her pawrents too! 

If you’re looking to join an active and engaging community with plenty of cute smool toasted marshmallow photos then be sure to give Penny the Pom a follow!

Instagram: @pompompenny_


Penny the Pom relaxing on a sofa.
​​@pompompenny_ from Instagram

10. Zuko the Samoyed 

Get ready for your heart to melt! Zuko is one of the cutest Samoyeds in Toronto and with over 73k followers on Instagram and almost 15k followers on TikTok we know we’re not the only ones who’ve fallen in love with this handsome boy! 

As a Ren’s Influencer, Zuko is known for his unboxings and stunts on his reels! Whether it’s Vessi, Paw, Wilder Harrier, Printy Pets, Pet’s United, or K9 Wear, get your fashion inspo from Zuko! Expect to see plenty of super close-ups of Zuko’s fluffy face on his posts! Smiles have never been brighter! 

Instagram: @zukothesamoyed 

TikTok: @zukothesamoyed

Zuko the Samoyed wearing a rainbow bandana
@zukothesamoyed​​ from Instagram

Meet Some of Your Favourite Influencers This Month

Want a chance to see some of your favourite pet influencers in person? Then be sure to check out our upcoming Doggos Events: Pup Up Summer Market coming this July!

Up and Coming Dog Influencers

Looking for even more dog content to add to your feeds? Here are 6 more dog influencers that are up and coming that we’re keeping our eyes on:

1. Iskra 

Instagram: @theradicalpets

TikTok: @theradicalpets

Bella the chihuahua in a cast after breaking one of her legs
​​@theradicalpets from Instagram

2. Laszlo

Instagram: @laszlothemutt

TikTok: @laszlothemutt 

Laszlo sitting pretty and licking his chops for the photo
@laszlothemutt​​ from Instagram

3. Macchiato Pomsky 

Instagram: @mr.macchiato_pomsky

TikTok: @mr.macchiato

4. Chelsea Chic Italian Greyhound  

Instagram: @iggychelseaandme 

TikTok: @iggychelsea

Iggy the greyhound posing for a studio photo with a fox plushie
@iggychelseaandme from Instagram​​

5. Bailey the Yorkie 

Instagram: @morkie_bailey 

TikTok: @morkie_bailey

Bailey the Yorkie wearing a knit sweater and bowtie posing on a wooden deck.
@morkie_bailey ​​from Instagram

6. Kimchi BichonPoodle Toronto  

Instagram: @lifewithkimchi 

@lifewithkimchi​​from Instagram

7. Azor the Aussie

Instagram: @azortheaussie

TikTok: @azortheaussie

​​@azortheaussie from Instagram

How We Chose the Stars

Wondering how we chose our list of top dog influencers in Ontario this year? Here are some of the factors we considered to help make our decision:

Community Visibility: Whether it’s a sub-community (hello drag queen impersonation and Harry Potter fans), or sharing information, (helpful dog-friendly locations!) spotlighting different niche accounts to reach more communities is something we love to do. 

Community Engagement: We believe that an active community is super important! We looked at which accounts have consistent and high engagement from their community (likes, views, reshares, and comments)

Personality: A stand-out personality - that little je ne sais quoi that makes people fall in love with their furry friend again and again.

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