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Illustration of a dog standing on two feet pushing a grocery cart. Image is the promotion image for the Pup Up Summer Market event

Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Need to Go to the Pup Up Summer Market This Weekend

We’ve got some really exciting news to share with you! 

In partnership with Petzlove Pet Food, we will be hosting a massive 2-day, TWO-STOREY dog-themed summer market & social event! We're expecting over 1000+ attendees to come celebrate this summer weekend!

If that’s not enough to get you excited, then here are 9 reasons why you need to go to the Pup Up Summer Market this weekend:

1. Move over Barkling Water! Say Hello to Poodle Coladas and Pooch Schnapps

You read that right! Not only can you shop til you drop, but you can drink your heart out with some fantastic - and dare we say - cleverly named dog-themed boozy cocktails.

The best part? We’re offering the full bar service as soon as the doors open! 

Let's be real, did you really need an excuse to get lit? We didn't think so! 

Pomeranian Posing in front of a Pink

2. Treat Your Pup Like They're VIP

Want your pet to be treated like the Very Important Pup that they are? Then sail into the Pup Up Summer Market with one of our VIP Tickets!

Perks include:

  • a gift bag upon check-in with products from at least 3 brands

  • one polaroid picture at the Paw-laroid station and 

  • 1 free boozy or virgin drink

What's the worst thing that can happen? Your dog gets spoiled? (like they aren't already!)

Woman sitting near the floor holding a white Polaroid camera. In her other hand she is holding a Doggos treat bag. She is looking in joy and surprise at the dog standing in front of her

3. Support Local Canadian Pet Businesses

Itching to buy something new for your pup? Looking for something unique to show off on your next walk around the block? Searching for the next local Canadian-based brands to support?

Then the upcoming Pup Up Summer Market is the place to be. 

We’re proud to say that every single one of our 25+ businesses at this marketplace is a 100% Canadian-based brand

Whether you’re looking to make your neighbourhood your own doggy fashion runway, innovative doggy bathrooms, or you just have a hankering to feed your pet some dog-friendly fruit loops, shop happy knowing every purchase supports a Canadian pet business. 

Three women standing by the Doggos main entryway with three dogs. The first dog is in a shoppping cart to th eleft. The second is in the middle woman

4. In the ‘Spirit’ of Giving Back

A happy woof! of thanks in advance for trying out some of the drinks! A portion of every sale from each drink purchased will go directly to Fetch and Releash: an Ontario-based rescue focusing on finding foster homes for furry babies all actress the GTA.  

As you sip your cocktails and walk through the market you may also catch a glimpse of some of the adoptable pups that your drink purchase is helping out at the Fetch and Releash adoptable booth! Feel good and feel lit at the same time!

Boxer wearing an Adopt Me Collar
@fetch_and_releash ​​on Instagram 

5. Experience What It’s Like to Go Grocery Shopping with Your Pup

While we won’t be going to a real grocery store, you and your four-legged friend can get a chance to experience what it could be like by bringing your pet to our very own dog-friendly life-sized grocery store.

It's photo ops like these that Doggos wants to remind you and the city that every place can be and should be dog-friendly! 

Samoyed sitting beside a fake grocery store set up

6. Take Home a Paw-laroid Picture

Hands up if you feel like your fridge could use an extra one - or a hundred - photos of your adorable dog-child? 

Bring home a stylish memory of your pup to add to your fridge when you visit our Pawlaroid station OR leave the photo with us and we'll add it to a mural we're creating at Doggosphere Studios of all the doggos in the city! 

A dog standing on a wooden floor. In front is a white polaroid camera that is held in a person

7. Discover Your Next Favourite Toronto Musician

They always say "shop locally" - now it's time to "listen locally". Enjoy live music from some of our local Toronto musicians including Mr. Jazz Duo (tenor saxophone & jazz guitar), J'onn Snow (rapper) and other live music & entertainment. Each day has it's lineup of talent so get your flex ticket so you can see it all! 

8. Keep Your Dog Busy This Weekend at the Haus of Doggos

Don’t leave your pooch bored at home this weekend!

Not only are dogs allowed to stroll through this massive two-storey pop up market with you, but THE ENTIRE lower level aka the Haus of Doggos is filled to the brim with fun activities for your pup!

Polaroid Photo of two dogs sitting on a lawn in front of a white building with a low window

Look forward to:

  • Games stations
  • Multiple photo op stations
  • the Pawlaroid station
  • Exclusive Doggos accessories and products
  • Themed puppuccinos

Every photo op, dessert, game and entertainment in the Haus of Doggos has been picked with your dog in mind! 

It truly is a dog world!

9. Be A Part of the Dog-Friendly City Movement

Did you know that just by attending a dog-friendly events like this one, you’re helping Toronto become a more dog-friendly city? 

Your visit encourages and inspires more Toronto businesses to open its doors to pups. Here at Doggos we’re reimagining what a truly dog-friendly city could look like - one where you never have to leave your pup at home - one dog-friendly event at a time!


This event is sponsored by Petzlove Pet Food – a healthy dog food brand that truly celebrates our human-canine bond! 


Entry Tickets: $5 for each day 

Flexible Tickets: $8 ticket that gets you access to both days whenever you want to go. Flexible tickets bought online come with a complimentary take home pawlaroid photo.

VIP *Very Important Pup* tickets: $25 (access to both days) ***For VIP perks, look at #2


Saturday, July 23 (12 PM - 8 PM)

Sunday, July 24 (11 AM - 5 PM)


501 Queen St W 

***Same location as the Harry Styles Pop Up***

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