Patio season is coming up, and we know you’d love to share this sunny and cheerful time with your doggo. We’ve selected 40 dog-friendly cafes, restaurants and breweries throughout Ontario (bet you didn’t even know there are THAT many). And some of them even have special dog menus, so your pooch won’t get jealous while you munch on your delicious meals.


1. Steam Whistle Brewery

This brewery is so famous, we would be surprised if you haven’t been there yet. Like, honestly, that’s kinda sus! Head out to downtown Toronto to sip on their refreshing premium craft beers while enjoying your dog’s company. 

Better yet, join Doggos at one of our socials at Steam Whistle! Grab your tickets for Toronto’s first fog-friendly comedy show Laugh You Tail Off, where aspiring comedians will roast all of us crazy dog parents. And make sure to follow our Instagram to get the next date of Babe, Barks and Beer event. It is a singles social for dog parents where you get to find a soulmate for yourself – and a playmate for your dog!

2. Petty Cash

Hop into this bar on King Street West to have one of their signature drinks (Step Zaddy is a must) and snack on delish parmesan cheese fries. And, of course, don’t forget to bring your dog – furry friends are allowed on the patio!

3. The Morning After

Had a bit too much fun last night? The Morning After is a go-to place for your hangover brunch cravings. Make sure to enjoy their insane unicorn lattes and buttermilk pancakes. 

The Morning After is also just 10 minutes walk away from Kardia Fitness where we regularly host our dog-friendly yoga classes. So make sure to plan ahead for a perfect date with your pup! 

4. Enchanted Poutinerie

Poutine, but make it ✨fancy✨. At this North York location, you can try every kind of famous Quebec dish that comes to your mind: from Unicorn poutine with multicolored gravy to boogie lobster poutine. And don’t miss their Sangria Sundays with fruity sangria pitchers at 5$ off. Sure enough, our pup can chill with you on the patio.

5. Cafe23

A Queen West coffee bar with a secret garden patio that is extremely pretty & flowery. Enjoy the chic Parisienne atmosphere while sipping on perfect coffee (they get their beans from DeMello – one of the best roasters in town!). Order their award-winning butter tarts and snap some classy pics with your doggo.

 6. Left Field Brewery 

Local’s favourite: a great brewery in Leslieville neighbourhood with bold, juicy and flavourful beers on tap. Although they only serve drinks, they don’t mind you bringing or ordering in your own food. Greenwood dog park is just minutes walk away. 

 7. Lobster Burger

It doesn’t get more dog friendly than this: Lobster Burger Bar not only allows you to bring your pup along to the patio but also offers a special dog menu to keep those good boys and girls full and happy. Stop by to indulge in the freshest seafood and treat your dog to some fine dining!

 8. Stackt

Toronto’s very own shipping container market has one of the best dog-friendly patios to check out! Make sure to stop by one the newest additions: Milky’s Coffee and Cloud Room, aesthetic heaven with artisan cold&hot coffees.

9. Goldstruck coffee 

You can tell people at this lovely Yorkville coffee shop love dogs – they even have a separate «Dog lovers» highlights section on their Instagram! And if you come with your pooch, they always have dog treats handy.  

10. Coffee Island

This coffeeshop on Bay Street is something we all crave in Toronto: a place to get your coffee without having to leash your dog outside. The staff is really friendly here and will offer your doggo a treat most of the times! We strongly recommend that you don’t miss out on their cold brews and iced – they are simply the best.

11. Henderson Brewing Co

Your dog is welcome both on the patio and indoors at this Toronto brewery. Choose from a large selection of beer and enjoy your furry friends’ company!

Henderson Brewing Co has also just recently started making their own dog toys: cute little beer cans, with $2 from every sale going towards animal rescue. 

 12. Sassafraz

 If you’re down for a fine dining experience, but don’t feel like leaving your doggo at home, look no further and check out this Yorkville classic. Sassafraz restaurant offers contemporary cuisine and an exquisite selection of wines. And the best part – your pooch is welcome to sit at the patio table with you.

13. Slabtown Cider

An absolutely beautiful cidery with its own market and orchards in Uxbridge, Ontario. Order a tasting set of ciders along with their signature charcuterie board, and don’t forget to take a few bottles home as well. Doggos are very welcome here & will definitely spend a great time outdoors!

14. 13th Street Winery

Another staple for your weekend trip out of Toronto (we know you NEED one!), an amazing winery located in St. Catharines. Book a wine tasting session in advance for guaranteed seating and bring your pup along. Make sure to also check out their bakery: the pies and butter tarts are just something else.

15. PlayGround

A cafe that lets both you & your dog inside and looks like a modern art museum right in Toronto? Yep, you heard that right. Playground is an absolutely unique place where you can chill with your pup while sipping their otherworldly coffees and lemonades. Located just a 15-minute walk away from Riverdale park, it’s a great place to unwind after playtime! Cute little detail: the cafe’s mascot is a little frenchie named Boba.

16. Hair of The Dog

A perfect place to enjoy classic pub food and beer on the patio with your dog by your side. This pub is right near the Allan Gardens dog park, so you can often meet other dog pawrents here!

17. Love Child Social

Ok, this one is not technically a dog-friendly place. But it surely turns into one when we host our Doggos After Dark club nights there! Once in a while, we throw amazing pawties for dogs & their owners at Love Child Social, offering dog-themed cocktails, boujie puppuccinos for dogs, amazing gifts, and more. Follow our Instagram so you don’t miss the next one!


18. The Oakwood Hardware

The Oakwood Hardware not only offers great food and drinks for humans but also takes care of doggos’ needs. This summer they will be launching dog many featuring chicken and sweet potato patties, beef burgers and Puppy Pops in chicken or beef flavour. Bring your dog along to the patio and let them enjoy a chef-made meal!

  19. Rorschach Brewing Company

This is a place where you can get beer boba. Should we say more? Hop in and try some truly unique artisanal beers. Their gourmet pizzas are also a must. Get your furry buddy and embark on a beer adventure!

20. Aviary Brew Pub

The Aviary is right beside Corktown Common park – a go-to destination after a long walk on a sunny day. They also often collaborate with dog rescues & charity initiatives, so follow them to support a great cause when it comes around!

 21. Against the Grain

Against the Grain is right next to Sugar Beach in downtown Toronto. Your dog can be tied up right next to the patio while you enjoy some drinks by the beautiful waterfront! They are famous for their canine-approved Paw-Tio menu items - from homemade dog biscuits, puppuccinos and pupsicles.  

22. Hunters Landing

Hunters Landing is right across from Canoe Landing Park in downtown Toronto. It’s a popular bar/restaurant with an outdoor patio that allows you to bring your dog to the table. Bowls with fresh water are always available!

23. Bandit Brewery

Bandit Brewery in Roncesvalles has a huge seating area with picnic tables. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your pooch to sit at the picnic tables, but they can always sit on the other side of the fence with a bowl of water readily available. And if you can’t stay that far away from your furry baby (we totally get you), grab a few bottles to take home & turn Netflix on and unwind with your pup. 

24. Local Public Eatery

Found in Leaside as well as Liberty Village, Local Public Eatery is a staple dog-friendly patio. 

Get there for brunch and try fried egg enchiladas. You’ll thank us later.

25. Blood Brothers Brewing

Blood Brothers Brewing is the perfect place to head for a beer after enjoying a day at Christie Pitts Park. Your pup can sit tied up on the other side of the patio. 

26. Last Temptation

Head over to Kensington Market for this cute patio. Your dog is welcome to sit tied up next to your table so you can keep an eye on them. Explore the shops in Kensington Market when you’re ready to make moves.

27. RendezViews

    The most vibrant patio right in the downtown core, RendezViews, can be found on Richmond St. W. It's not only a bright and colourful space to enjoy a few drinks outside this summer but it’s also an awesome spot to bring your pup! Come to cheer on your fave sports team, watch the Olympics or simply enjoy a CN Tower view. There are also tons of food & drink festivals, talent shows and other fun events held regularly at RendezViews, so follow them on Instagram to keep up!

    28. Lapinou Bistro

    Change up your usual dinner out at this French-inspired neo-bistro in the heart of the city on King St. W. Their patio is over seven days a week and is more than accommodating when it comes to bringing your doggo with you!

     29. Flat Iron and Firkin

    Classic British pub offering international brews in a historic building. Not only do they have a pet-friendly patio, but also a famous treat window. Located right near the Berczy Park Dog Fountain, it is a staple for a day you want to dedicate to your pooch! 

    30. Mill Street Brew Pub

    Located in the heart of the Historic Distillery District, Mill Street Brew Pub operates out of the Mill Street Brewery. Besides fantastic beer selection, including their organic line, the pub offers pup patties, peanut sundaes, popsicles and dog buiscits for your hound. Just ask for a PAW-tio menu!

     31. Riverdale Park Cafe

    Enjoy mouthwatering & healthy sandwiches, soups and salads at this Riverdale location. Your pup can join you on a patio! 

    32. High Park Brewery

      High Park Brewery is another great place with dog-loving owners. Come enjoy amazing craft beers & get featured on their Patio Pups stories highlights! 

      33. Fixed Gear Brew Guelph

      Brewery in Guelph that lets your dog both inside & on the patio. We also highly recommend trying the domes at the Canteen on Edinburgh street: a semi-private dining experience you can also share with your canine friend! 

      Fixed Gear also offers hand-made dog treats.

      34. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

      The place to go to satisfy your carb cravings. If you haven’t tried their blueberry pancakes – run, not walk. And don’t forget to bring your dog along to their pet-friendly patio!

      35. Le Parisienne Creperie

      A pet-friendly restaurant in Oakville serving classic French crepes with sweet and savoury fillings. Beware – your pup might want to steal that fresh salmon from your crepe! 

      36. Pho Ngoc Yen

      An authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Mississauga offering perfect pho and pad thai. Dogs of all sizes are welcome on their summer patio!

      37. Krave Coffee

      Surrounded by a bunch of little parks, this cafe is a perfect place to visit after a brisk walk with your doggo. Enjoy refreshing cold brews and don’t forget to order an almond croissant to go. Pups are welcome on the patio!

      38. Munchies

      Canada’s first restaurant that caters both to you and your dog is located in Hamilton. We are not even sure if we should call it dog-friendly or human-friendly? Because Munchies is definitely all about dogs. Come treat your furry friend to a delicious pupcake.

      Tip: this is a perfect place to celebrate your pup’s birthday!

      39. The Keating Channel Pub & Grill

      A cozy place with childhood memory vibes serving hearty food just by the Keating Channel. A perfect hideaway for your and your pooch when you both just can’t keep up with crazy downtown pace. Unwind by the water sipping on chilly cocktails!

      40. Aviv Immigrant Kitchen

      A perfect place to enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine in Midtown. Leash you pup and head to Aviv summer patio to savour home-made hummus and Baba Ganoush, kebabs and skewers or the city’s best shakshuka. 


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