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Let’s be real - we all love sharing videos and photos of our pups. If you’re an avid oversharer like us, and you REALLY want to show off your dog’s antics to as many people as possible, then you’ve GOT to pair your pup’s clips and photos with these 10 trending audio clips to get as many eyes as possible on your pup!

Note: What’s trending on Instagram Reels can depend on what the algorithm has determined you (or your dog’s influencer account!) like. The following trending sounds and audios for reels come from our own research and personal pupfluencer feeds from July 24 - July 30

1 He's a 10 but...

Reels Audio and Original Credit: @akirablackpit

We all know we have the perfect wonderfully imperfect canine friend. Sometimes it’s the quirkiest things that make them perfect! This audio is the perfect audio to highlight that funny/weird thing that makes your pup the best.

Tip: Most dog owners using this video share two video clips of their dog during using this audio! So be sure to find an angelic clip to use for a few seconds before sharing that hilarious quirk!  

2 The Boop Zone

Reels Audio and Original Credit: The Boop Zone by altokeymusic 

The world needs more wholesome snoots to boop and the world can never get enough of any dog’s sweet snout. Whether you want to show a really long boop on your dog’s snoots or just want to show off your good boy and good girl with several boopable clips, be sure to pair it with this cute boop zone song by the altokeymusic!

Doggos is no stranger to showcasing boops. To celebrate the milestone of reaching 14K followers back in January, we reached out to 14 doggos in the community to send their own boop video to be added into a kissing compilation. 

3 Show Me the Art and Then Show Me the Artist

Reels Audio and Original Credit: digitdax  

Why do we all enjoy a little lighthearted guilt tripping of our pups doing naughty antics? Up to no good? Press record! 

If you’ve got a masterpiece of mass destruction done by your dog (or a giant bruise to share like alarick.osiris.wolfpack) then be sure to pair the clip with this audio so we can all enjoy your pup’s mischievous misdemeanors and 🌪️chaotic energy 🌪️ too!

4 I’d Kiss Every Dog (To the Tune of Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush)

Reels Audio and Original Credit: okjessofficial   

Does this tune sound familiar? This song is a dog remix of the made-famous-by-Stranger-Things song: Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush - only it’s to kiss every dog if you could!

This audio is absolutely perfect for folks with multiple dogs or… if you just want to share multiple cute clips of your dog. 

Some pupfluencers even enjoy pairing this audio with a sweet zoom into their dog’s faces too like bowserinvancity.

5 You Know You Bad When You Can Pose From Every Angle 

Reels Audio and Original Credit: beaunosebones

Need an audio to pair your photo dump of your dog with? Snapped some crazy mid-zoomie blurred images that you can’t quite figure out when to share? Then pair Coi Leray’s & Nicki Minaj’s Blick Blick! Song with:

  • 5s video clip

  • A few varied pictures of your dog (the less perfect the better!)

This trend is a reminder that even in their most unflattering poses, our doggos reign supreme when it comes to cuteness!

6 ApplePay $ Sound Effect 

Reels Audio and Original Credit: @patriizzle 

At Doggos, if we're not spending our money attending dog-friendly events, then it's spent funding our 👑 royal fur babies best life.

Show off all the toys, accessories, gear, trips, and food you bought to spoil your pup with this repeated Applepay sound effect.  

Whether it's a designer outfit or that expensive kibble, get your credit cards and cameras out - you've got yourself a viral video! 

7 Un Do Tres / Hola, Comment Allez, Allez-Vous? 

Reels Audio and Original Credit: @sofiareyes  

If you haven’t jumped onboard onto Sophia Reye’s Spanish, French, and English hit song then it’s finally time to join in on video clips! 

The most popular audio clip uses the lyrics “Hola, comment-allez, allez-vous?” BUT you can also stretch your creative juices and use the "un, dos, tres" part to show off 3 things you love about your dog! 

Here at Doggo’s, we loved using the un, dos, tres sound bite to share the different types of people you are likely to bump into at our Puppy Yoga classes!

8 In the Kitchen 

Reels Audio and Original Credit: @wrldofpetz   

Does your pup have the most irresistible begging face? Did you accidentally train your dog to come every time a bag opens? Does your pup start salivating as soon as you head into the kitchen? 

The public wants to see all of your dog’s antics! Use this audio, show your kitchen, and then show your dog beside you and/or by the kitchen.

It's all about capturing the obsession your dog has with snacking - and let's be real, it shouldn't be that hard to capture! 

9 Show Me Your Beautiful View 

Reels Audio and Original Credit: roamin.with.laaaly  

Whether you're looking to show off your dog's fresh new groom, a cool hiking spot, or just want to show off just how pretty, cute, handsome, and effortlessly adorable your four-legged friend is - then use this expansive classical-based audio clip and share away.

Dog lovers are showing off their best views - and we can all agree each of our pups are stunners! 

10 Here's Your Reel 

Reels Audio and Original Credit: mahdiwoodard - Here’s Your Reel

Now that you got in the groove of posting reels, guess what? You have to keep doing it! The people want more!

Hardest part of being an influencer is the constant content you have to keep pushing out and this trend is the perfect sarcastic response to let your audience know "fine, here's your reel". 

Have a video of your pup that you can’t quite stitch into other reel audios that you still want to share? Then pairing a 9s clip with this low-effort “Here’s Your Reel” audio is the perfect audio idea! You can use it with a chill clip of your dog, or just any random sweet moment you’d like to share with the world. 

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