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10 Trending Sounds to Get Your Dog Influencer Account to Go Viral

Let’s be real - we all love sharing videos and photos of our pups. If you’re an avid oversharer like us, and you REALLY want to show off your dog’s antics to as many people as possible, then you’ve GOT to pair your pup’s clips and photos with these 10 trending audio clips to get as many eyes as possible on your pup!

Note: What’s trending on Instagram Reels can depend on what the algorithm has determined you (or your dog’s influencer account!) like. The following trending sounds and audios for reels come from our own research and personal pupfluencer feeds from March 27  - April 10

1. Silly audio - Tootymcnooty

Reels Audio: tootymcnooty

Highlight an adorably cute struggle your pup does and pair it with this quaint, cute, and trending audio clip!

Our favourite for the week was watching these two silly huskies from @ontariohuskies get looped and entangled together as they work with each other's boisterous energies!

2. Waltz of the Flowers - Tchaikovsky

Reels Audio: Waltz of the Flowers

Whether you want to highlight the grace, the finesse, the absolute stunning majesty of your pup OR the complete opposite, there's nothing better than pairing their watchable clips with this classic but trending waltz of the flowers piece by tchaikovsky.

Our favourite of the bunch is this cute little corgi struggling to come out from under the kitchen!

3. Rollin - Country life

Reels Audio: Country Life

Did you buy something with your dog's best intention at heart only to have you watch in dismay as your pup completely disregard your best efforts?

Personally - we feel it the most when we buy our pup's a raincoat only to have them completely roll out of it! But we find this content creator's struggles trying to catch some cute videos of their pup really cute and funny too!

4. That Made Me Cry

Reels Audio: thecincomedy - original audio

Following closely to the tunes of "Dumb Ways to Die" is the new remixed audio reel clip - "that made me cry" which perfectly expresses all the time we feel like we might have wronged our pup!

like... when we split a big treat in half and convince them that the split pieces of treats are better than one!

5. I Have This Thing

Reels Audio: original audio - gracerivers0

Need more Anti-Hero Taylor Swift in your life? Use this audio clip to showcase some of the reasons you can't do something because of your pup and watch the likes come in!

6. We Are Young

Reels Audio: original audio - gracerivers0

Whether you're just looking to showcase some fun and happy moments of your pup doing dog things, or you want to share some of your cutest pics with your audience, Supergrass - Alright hits all the right and cheerful notes for your reel!

We personally love how Tofu the doberman mixed up some equally cute pics with some sage life lessons learned with owning a pup!

7. Still Falling For You

Reels Audio: Still Falling For You - Ellie Goulding

Love your pup more than your partner? Need to sing it out loud on the rooftops and have everyone else know just how much you love your four-legged friend? Then of course if you haven't used the Still Falling For You song by Ellie Goulding then it's your time to do so.

Pair it with videos of your pup growing up, quietly cuddling you, or our favourite - a unique and adorable quirk they have - either way it'll be sure to bring out plenty of 'awws'!

8. I Love You Always Forever

Reels Audio: I love you always forever (acoustic) - mateo oxley 

Who doesn't love belting out "I love you always forever"? We sure do! Pair this classic sung by mateo oxley with a cute family + dog activity you're doing and we'll send all our hearts and likes your way.

This one by @eurasier_tsuki is not only heartwarming, it makes us want to give this a try too!

9. Mix and Mash 

Reels Audio: mixandmash - buttercup

This jaunty little tune is making is trending again! Be sure to use it showcase a slip up or or share a video of your pup struggling with something!

Our favourite so far is this oldie but goodie of a golden retriever stealing some cake while 'accidentally' falling off the couch. We know it was no accident.

10. Come Check This

Reels Audio: FETISH•Come Check This 

Caught your pup doing something a little bit naughty, pulling a sneaky feint on another dog, or just overall a little mischievous little troublemaker?

Then pair that clip with this sneaky but cute 'bad boi' / 'bad gyal' sound to put together an easy but trending reel!

Fun Dog Reel Facts

What is the most viewed dog reel?

Did you know that there are two dog reels on Instagram that have been viewed over 100 million times each? GTA with dog and Runaway Aurora with dog have both racked over 100 million views since they were first created!

We get why they're popular and we hope these two reels on top of our trending sounds can help you gain some inspiration on your next dog reel too!

GTA with dog by krishhhhnna (113 million views)

With over 113 million views and over 6.7 million likes, this 2021 Instagram reel of influencer Krish Gawali posing as a game character in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) with a cute golden retriever pup.

Runaway Aurora with dog (101 million views)

This cute video of a devoted Aussie posing with their owner set to a sunset background is absolutely gorgeous. We can see why this video received over 101 million views AND over 9 million likes! Four paws up to this gorgeously made reel. 

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