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Chalkboard sign with coffee and arrow pointing right. Beside the board is a dog on a leash sitting by the sign.

Bark With Your Barista – 7 Indoor Dog-Friendly Cafes in Toronto

Toronto is known for its bustling coffee scene, with cafes popping up all over the city. With spring well on its way and summer coming in, it’s our dream to be able to take our dog to a dog park and then hop into our favourite coffee shop with our pup in tow to enjoy a chilled coffee and some A/C. 

Sadly, not every Toronto coffee shop allows dogs indoors - yet. At best most only offer pet-friendly spaces on their patios. 

But that doesn’t mean we’re completely out of luck! Did you know that Toronto has 4 dog-friendly cafes where pups are not only tolerated but welcomed with open arms inside? 

Get excited and grab your pup's leash and let's dive in to learn more about each one!

Dog-Friendly Cafes in Toronto

135 Ossington

Location: 135 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z6 

Also located a short walk from Trinity Bellwoods, 135 Ossington cafe is another perfect little cafe you can take your pup indoors with you. They use hatch beans to brew that perfect cuppa. They also offer some great roasted tea latte options too like their deliciously roasted, deep-flavored hojicha latte. 

23 Cafe

Location: 728 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E8

Nestled near Trinity Bellwoods, 23 Cafe is the perfect spot for a cozy coffee date with your canine friend. The cafe is well-known for its inviting and pet-friendly atmosphere, allowing visitors to bring their dogs (on a leash) inside while they sip their favourite coffee or grab a bite to eat.

This cafe also features a serene garden patio where you can relax with a book and your pooch by your side!

Beatrice Society Cafe

Location: 511 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1Y4

Step into the Beatrice Society Cafe, a charming two-story cafe with a hip New York atmosphere located just a stone's throw away from Toronto's off-leash St. Andrew's dog park. 

This popular spot welcomes pups inside (on a leash) while you make your order. However be sure to only visit during the dogs-approved hours!

Beatrice Society's Dog-Friendly Indoor Hours:

✅ 8am - 10am: dogs allowed ⁠

❌ 10am - 6pm: no dogs for dine in

⁠✅ Service dogs: always allowed⁠

✅ Patio: always allowed⁠

Buno Coffee

Location: 136 Lauder Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3E5

Near St. Clair West? Then be sure to stop by Buno Coffee with your pup! While the barista serves you their unique tasting roasts, your pup can also enjoy a dog biscuit too!

You'll find a cute treat jar at the ready to greet your pup when you enter this cafe. 

Bevy Coffee

Location: 738 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON M5A 2C3

Sit, stay, sip and explore the eclectic Bevy in Toronto - a unique hybrid coffee shop, art gallery, and skateboard shop rolled into one. This sun-filled space is a great spot for a caffeine pick-me-up or delectable sweet treats. What’s more - you get to enjoy the stunning view of the various art gallery installations all with your pup by your side!

Milky's Coffee

Location: 760 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1T8

This tiny coffee bar might not have much room for you to sit and sip your coffee, but if you're looking for a quick pick-me-up as you walk your pup in the city, then be sure to pop on by Milky's! Dogs can enter on a leash so you can order your favorite cup with your pup at your side.

Then once you're done, enjoy that cup outside on their pup-friendly patio!

Tom & Sawyer

Location: 1247 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1C2

This pet store and cafe mix is your one-stop-shop for all picky pet eaters! Whether you’re just dropping in for a quick coffee, grabbing a small little treat for your pup, or looking to place an order of fresh pet food - Tom & Sawyer’s knowledgeable and friendly staff will make you and your pup feel right at home! While it’s mostly a store-first, the space offers plenty of colourful and comfortable seats for you and your dog to just hang out and enjoy a sip of coffee.

Bonus Location: The Bernese Barista

Location: 6 Nipigon Ave, Markham, ON L6C 1N7

Okay we know this one isn’t in Toronto but The Bernese Barista located in downtown Markham has one extra special point worth mentioning compared to the other cafes we’ve mentioned so far! The Bernese Barista is a dog-friendly cafe that not only allows you to enjoy some sweet treats and coffee with your pup inside, but well-behaved pups can enjoy the space leash-free too!

Map of Puppy Friendly Cafes in Toronto


Other Helpful Resources

Which dog-friendly cafes in Toronto don’t allow dogs indoors?

While this post featured dog-friendly cafes that allow dogs indoors - there are plenty of cafes in Toronto that offer treats, water, and their outdoor seating space to pets! 

You won't be able to go inside with your pup at these Toronto coffee shops, but you and your pup can look forward to relaxing in their outdoor seated spaces. 

If you have a friend coming along with you to help you watch your pup while you order coffee and treats, then be sure to give these coffee shops and cafes a visit this summer too!

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