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Dog in the backyard with two rainbow plastic wind spinners.

How to Spend a Chill End of Summer Day With Your Pup

Fall is literally around the corner and while we’re all living for the fall fashion layers, (👀👀 new Doggos event hint maybe?) we still love the warm summer rays and we’ll take every bit of sunshine we can get. 

If you need ideas for how to spend a chill last day of summer with your pup - and most importantly, a low-spend day - then look no further than Doggo’s pawfect day in Toronto ⬇️

P.S. Coffee-lovers, book-readers, and picnic lovers, we think you’ll really like this day too!

The Map

Check out the map below for our pawfect summer day in the city!

Map thanks to Wanderlog, a vacation planner app on iOS and Android

What to Pack for the Day

  • water for you and your pup
  • picnic blanket
  • a book / e-reader
  • a light lunch for yourself
  • a little bit of money for drinks, meals, and maybe some toys/treats for your dog

10:00 AM - Visit HTO Park

Start your morning walk at HTO Park! Located in Toronto’s Inner Harbour area, this park features a long sand beach extending along the water’s edge, and plenty of sunny yellow parasols paired with cheerful red Muskoka chairs. Nature waterscapes meet contemporary design at this small and bright park.  

10:30 AM Stop at Starbucks for Coffee and a Puppuccino

Grab a morning coffee and a sweet puppuccino treat from Lower Spadina’s Starbucks. It’s a busy corner - you may need to wait a few minutes for your drinks, but the lake views and people watching opportunities more than make up for the wait times! 

10:45 AM (Optional) Pick up a New Treat or Toy for Your Pup at Cosmopawlitan

Just a few steps west of Starbucks is the beautiful boutique grooming and pet shop - Cosmopawlitan. Have your pup look forward to the rest of the day by optionally buying a new tug or fetch toy, or even a new dog treat to try for the day.

11:00 AM Settle In for a Scenic Afternoon Reading Nook at Toronto Music Garden

Head further west and savour summer’s last flowers as you meander around the cosy, and beautifully designed Toronto Music Garden. This garden has plenty of undulated curves, steps, meadows, and trails for you and your pup to enjoy. It’s an ideal location to take a nice break, and get some reading time in while soaking up the sunshine and fresh air.  

12:00 PM Harbourfront Stroll, Waterfront Picnic and Off-Leash Play at Coronation Park

Even though cooler weather is just around the corner, chances are you’re probably still feeling the heat in the afternoon, so walk by the lakeside and seek shade at Coronation Park. 

With plenty of well shaded green spaces by the waterfront, and a spacious off-leash dog park with multiple water fountains to boot, Coronation Park is the perfect afternoon picnic and reading spot to beat the afternoon sun.

3:00 PM - People and Dog Watch With an Afternoon Beer at Stackt Market and Bark Yard

Meeting up with a friend in the afternoon? Then, head on over to Stackt Market just 15-20 minutes north of Coronation Park.

Enjoy an afternoon beer with your friend while your furry friend enjoys another off-leash romp at Stackt Market’s massive 4,800 square-foot off-leash Bark Yard. 

6:00 PM - Dinner at a Lobster Burger Bar

While there are plenty of outdoor patios around Toronto, we’d recommend heading over to one of our favourite dog-friendly patios! Lobster Burger Bar is a great casual meal location AND they offer a pup-friendly dine-in menu too!

With options like the Beef Lover, Thanksgiving Turkey, Zesty Rosemary Chicken, and the Fisherman’s Catch there’s something for every-pup to enjoy.

Too Low-Key To Be Pawfect?

If our perfect chill summer day was a little bit too low-key for you, then be sure to check out our upcoming Doggos events or visit our weekly Doggos and the City blog post to find more exciting dog-centric experiences around the city!

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