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Group of women and men all in variety of standing and sitting poses at Bark Yard - Stackt Market with off-leash dogs. Image is a promotional image for Babes and Barks Event

8 Reasons You Can’t Miss the Single Babes and Barks Event Happening Next Week

Our Best-Selling singles event in Toronto is BACK and it’s BIGGER than ever before!

Calling all single dog lovers and dog owners! Come out and join our ultra-popular singles event Babes and Barks, is happening next Tuesday evening, September 13 at the Stackt Market from 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM!

On the fence about the event? Then let us give you 8 ultra-compelling reasons why this singles event might be the amazing event you’ve been looking for. 🐾💖

1. Toronto’s First Ever Off-Leash Singles Social Event

You heard that right - not only are we bringing back our dog-friendly singles social event, this is Toronto’s first ever off-leash singles event of its kind!

Several off-leash dogs are around the corner of a giant connect 4 game set up at the Bark Yard at Stackt Market. 3 Dogs are in mid-run and sniff while one Samoyed (right) is posing for the camera

2. Dog Lovers Don’t Need a Dog to Join 

Looking to bond with other dog lovers and dog owners but don’t have a dog yourself? No worries! Babes and Barks is a singles event for everyone and anyone who loves dogs!

No furry pal is necessary to join this event!

A woman in a champagne peach dress is smiling while scrolling on her phone. A man in a Chicago cubs t-shirt is holding a can of beer and is in mid-chat with the woman.

3. Mingle with 200+ Like-Minded Singles 

Did you know that according to, almost 25% of pet parents have brought their pet on a date? Raise your hands if your dog needs to approve of your future boyfriend or girlfriend too! According to our not so scientific hunch - we think there’s more hands up than there are down! 

At Babes and Barks, your dog gets to meet and greet your future beau with you too! But beware - your pup might end up becoming more popular than you!

Man in grey shirt is smiling while holding a small pup and petting a Samoyed. Woman in champagne peach dress is bent down and petting the small pup. She is behind the Samoyed.

4. Pups = Best Ice-Breaker Topic

Don’t know what to talk about with new people? Well, good thing there are hundreds of off-leash pups surrounding AKA - the best backup icebreaker/conversation starter ever. 

Just look around and you’ll find pockets of crazy antics to talk about - from frantic zoomies to adorable fluffy butts, to marvelling at amazing tricks - we’re confident that you’ll never run out of things to talk about at Babes and Barks!

A group of woman are crowded around a white Muskoka-like bench while petting a small dog. Man on the right is sitting on the edge with arms crossed looking away.

5. Not a Speed Dating Event

We love seeing REAL connections. Babes and Barks is NOT a speed dating event. Sometimes when we meet new people, it takes a little more than just 3 to 5 minutes to get to know them! 

At this singles event, we have games and events to help you make connections and break the ice fast, BUT we know that the best connections take time. So slow down, enjoy that drink, and hang around! The event starts from 7:00 PM and continues well into the night until 11:00 PM - so you know you’ll have lots of time to meet new people and really get to know them. 

6. Boozy Bar in an Off-Leash Dog Park

Need a little liquid courage to help you navigate the night? Well, walk on over to the bar located within the dog park so you don’t have to stray too far from your pup!

Woman in a white tank and black shorts is winking and holding a black french bulldog while standing in front of the bar at Stackt Market.

7. Fun and Spicy Networking Games

We will be providing plenty of icebreaking activities and engaging conversation starters to help you connect, get social, and maybe get a little spicy too!

Look forward to various lawn games including:

  • Beer Pong
  • Corn Hole
  • Connect 4
  • And more!
Woman in a champagne peach dress is laughing and looking at a Bingo card. On her right is man in a Chicago Cubs t-shirt holding a beer and Bingo card.

Really break-the-ice and learn every spicy detail of new people without all the “is-this-inappropriate-to-ask-when-I-meet-someone-for-the-first-time?” stress when you join our fun and sexy BINGO game! 

Guests will sign off on your cards for a chance to win prizes - so go ahead, be bold, and ask away!

8. Photo Ops to Commemorate Your New Friend / Beau

Made a new friend? Met your new beau? Commemorate the date and leave the night with some sweet photos at our various photo op stations!

I’m Convinced! How Do I Attend?

Great! We’re so happy that you’ve decided to join us! We look forward to having a woofin’ good time with you next week! 

Buy tickets to the Babes and Barks event next Tuesday, September 13, 2022, from 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM at the Stackt Market!

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