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Dog wearing a pink tutu on a leash while attending the Doggos After Dark spring dog-friendly clubbing event in Toronto last spring.

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog to the Night Club this Summer

Love Child Social House Logo in a Purple Background

In collaboration with Love Child Social House Club

Looking for a really furbulous way to end your summer with one last dog-friendly event in Toronto this year? 

Then be sure to join our second collaborative Doggos x Love Child Social House event: Doggos After Dark - Dogs Through the Ages! 

Here are 5 reasons why you and your pup should come to this amazing pawty event:

1. The Only Dog-Friendly Night Club Event in Canada

Kimchi the Bichone Frise wearing red sunglasses is held up by her owner at the DJ Table at Doggos After Dark

Be part of an exclusive few hundred who get to experience what it’s like to go clubbing with dogs! 

Earlier this spring, we hosted Canada’s first-ever dog-friendly night club event at Toronto’s Hottest Night Club - Love Child Social House, and let us tell you - it was a hit with the venue, dog lovers, dog owners, and pups alike! Everyone loved it so much it’s back by popular demand!

No one else parties with dogs quite like us - and this summer, you’ll get another exclusive opportunity to try it out for yourself! Trust us - it’s going to be a BLAST!

See it for yourself - check out all the smiles at everyone’s first dog-friendly night club experience last Spring here!

2. Glide and Jive to a New Era Every Hour

Guests at the Love Child Social House during Doggos After Dark - Canada

Whether you’re an enthusiastic party animal or a drop-in clubber, you’ll love the fact that every hour we’ll be keeping the music fresh and fun. 

7:00 PM Stay Alive and Boogie with our professional dancers to 1970’s Disco Fever
8:00 PM Show us your best electric slide to the best of New Wave 80s hits like The Final Countdown by Europe, and Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield
9:00 PM Get the best of the 90s hip hop, pop, and rap and enjoy some of the hardest rapping performances by Toronto’s very own young and ultra-talented, J’onn Snow (Aegon)
10:00 PM Bop and give 2 paws up to the sweet pop of 00’s and 2010 before closing with some of the best party tunes of today 

Bonus: every decade also comes with its own themed photo booth op so pick your favourite decade, get dressed p’up and get snapping!

3. Put Something in Our Doggos Polaroid Time Capsule

Hershy, a brown and white Pomsky with heterochromatic eyes is sitting and posing while a white Polaroid camera is held in front of him.

We can’t simply go through the ages without leaving a little nostalgic memory behind. Take the clubbing night into the future with you and drop off a fun polaroid into our Doggos Polaroid Time Capsule and we’ll mail your pic to you or our friends one year later!

4. Everybody Gets Shots (Pups Too!)

Puppy wearing a rainbow bandana laying down beside a beer beverage. Image taken during Double D

Move over sweet puppuccino, these clubbing pups like to pawty hard! Furry clubbers can enjoy Pup Jello Shots (non-alcoholic and dog-safe of course!) while two-legged partiers can enjoy our specially curated selection of dog-themed alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages.

5. Designated Off-Leash Space

You asked, and we’re delivering! As an extra special perk and for the goodest boi and goodest girls, we’re delighted to announce that a portion of Love Social House Club’s venue will be 100% going to the dogs. That’s right - your dogs can really let loose in a fun, safe off-leash indoor space!

Note: To ensure that everyone has a good time, the designated off-leash space will only be offered to our VIP ticket holders and will be set in an unobtrusive corner of the space to minimize unwanted interactions.

Convinced and ready to party? Then be sure to head on over to our Events Page and get your tickets now before they sell out! 

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