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5 Dog Safety Tips for Canada Day Weekend

Canada Day is around the corner and with places opening up around the country, you might have fun plans in store. If you plan on bringing your pooch along for the ride, there are a few dog safety tips you should consider:

1. Hydration is Key

Don’t leave home without portable and fresh water for your pup. Canada Day is usually hot and you don’t want your dog to overheat. Short-nosed dogs are especially at risk so try your best to find a shady spot for them if you’re outside. You may also want to consider the possibility of your dog burning its feet while walking on the pavement on a hot day. 

2. Consider the Environment 

Think twice before you bring your dog to an event or space where they might be interacting with a lot of people or dogs. Even if they usually do well in groups, holidays can be hectic! Choose a spot where your know your dog will be comfortable. 

3. Fireworks Safety 

While fireworks make for a fun celebration, not all doggos love them! To avoid hurting their ears or running the risk of your dog running away from the loud noise, think about keeping them inside. 

If you’re near fireworks and notice your dog isn’t feeling it, provide a safe escape for them! This might be going someplace indoors or have a place where they can snuggle up next to you. 

4. Flotation Devices

If you’re planning on being anywhere near the water, get your hands on some floaties for your dog! It’s always best to come prepared in case they get tired from a long day out. 

5. Accessorize 

Although all of these dog safety tips can be overwhelming, accessorizing is the best part! Make sure you’ve got a leash and dog tag so you don’t lose your doggo. If you really want to make a statement, shop our new Canada Day or Toronto dog bandanas! You could also rock a matching scrunchie and bandana set or your dog mom necklace to pull the entire look together.  


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