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Get Ready To Impress!

Let Doggos create the most unique and fulfilling event for you and your friends, colleagues or clients. We have a wide range of options – from chill puppy yoga to fun & boozy socials – to make sure you’ll be having the time of your life.

Why choose a dog focused event?

Because dogs make people happy! And this is not just a catch phrase, but an actual scientific fact. A simple act of petting a pooch has shown to relieve muscle tension, lower blood pressure and reduce the amounts of stress-related hormones in our system. 


Bonding with doggos makes every event ultimately more memorable and special: be it a yoga class, a night out or a fancy brunch. And the best part – Bring Your Own Dog events allow your guests to have fun guilt-free, as they don’t have to leave their fur baby behind. Trust us when we say: every dog pawrent will appreciate that beyond any words.


Corporate Events

Breaking the ice within a fresh team, celebrating a successful project or hosting a customer-centred event? There’s no occasion that wouldn’t be better with a bunch of tails wagging around! We manage and curate a range of corporate events, including but not limited to:


  • Team building activities
  • Product launch
  • Company anniversary 
  • Fundraisers
  • Employee appreciation events


We can host a BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) if your team is full of dog owners. You can also go for a Puppy event where we bring in adorable pooches from reputable breeders and/or verified rescues!


Private Events & Holiday Parties

Let those paws hit the floor! If you’re thinking of throwing a:

  • Birthday party
  • Family get-together
  • Bachelor/bachelorette party
  • Anniversary celebration
  • Holiday-themed event


Just describe your dream scenario, and we’ll make sure to bring it to life. You can always choose from our classic event menu or request a fully customized solution that will make your party a lifetime memory!

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