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Dog walking down the red carpet

How to Throw a TIFF Party For Your Dog

Get your paws all over the red carpet because Doggos will be hosting its very own TIFF-inspired red-carpet party, the Doggos ‘sniff’ party - because guess who isn't invited to TIFF? Dogs!

Have you ever dreamed of walking down the red carpet? Ever dreamed of having your very important pooch get the puparazzi attention they deserve? Or do you just simply want to meet the Doggos Team? 

Dress to the nines and come on over to the Doggosphere on Saturday, September 17, 2022, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM to get your very own free TIFF-inspired red-carpet moment! 

Then, when you’re done working the red carpet, spend some time mingling and chatting with the rest of the Toronto community or maybe try your luck at spinning the wheel for some take-home prizes and a chance to receive a free VIP pass to our exclusive third floor area!

Exclusive guests and winners of the VIP giveaway can also head to the third floor where they can enjoy extra special refreshments, a VIP-only red carpet event, and some designated off-leash time too!

SNIFF Party Details

Where: Doggosphere 553 Queen St. W

When: Saturday September 17, 2022 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Dress Code: Dressier than your typical dog-walking fit, please

Restrictions: We ask that all pups be on a leash at all times, please. (Excluding our VIP guests on the third floor who will have access to a designated off-leash area)

Event Happenings:

  • Arrive for your red carpet moment, spin the wheel for prizes and meet the rest of the community and hang out with the Doggos team

*VIP guests and winners from the Spin the Wheel or Giveaway can enjoy an additional private social and gifting experience where you'll get to indulge in:

✨ Red Carpet Experience

✨ Prosecco & Treats for Humans courtesy of @frenchiesdoughnuts

✨ Hors d'oeuvres & Gifts for dogs courtesy of @mamachasdogtreats and @dogstandards

✨ Photoshoot by @offleashstudio

✨ Pawdicures from @dogworldrs

✨ Designated Off-Leash Area

Want to make it to the VIP list? We're still looking for high-engagement pet-famous Toronto pupfluencers to stand out and be invited! 

Follow us @OntarioDoggos, tag us and tell us why you should be a VIP! 

If selected, we'll be sending you a DM with your VIP all-access pass to this event.

What is TIFF?

TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival - is one of the world’s largest publicly attended film festivals in the world. Founded in 1976, TIFF has grown into one of the most important film festivals in the world and according to Time in 2007, Tiff had “grown from its place as the most influential fall film festival to the most influential film festival, period”.


This year the festival runs from September 8 to September 18 - 11 days of international and Canadian cinema.

The festival is known for regularly welcoming almost half a million attendees, and over 5,000 industry professionals, and for generating “Oscar buzz” - meaning there are plenty of major celebrities, actors, and actresses walking down the red carpets!

Walnut the Pom standing in front of the paparrazi

What is the Doggos SNIFF Party?

Doggos sniff is an event inspired by the red-carpet events that lead up to a feature film at the Toronto International Film Festival. We wanted to celebrate TIFF with our pup-loving community and showcase our main stars here at Doggos - you! Our community could not have grown and we can not continually run events without our dog-loving fur-iends.

So we’re rolling out our very own red carpet to celebrate our extra special very important pets (and owners!) with all the pomp and circumstance inspired by TIFF’s festival activities.  

At Doggos sniff, dog owners and pet pawrents can experience walking down the red carpet with their fur babies, watch a feature film, and enjoy post-film snacks and photo ops!

Here’s How You Can Throw Your Very Own TIFF-Inspired Pup-Friendly Party!

Can’t visit our Doggos SNIFF Party but want to have your own TIFF-inspired pup-friendly party? We got you!

Throw your very own SNIFF party for your friends and your pups in the comfort of your own home! We’ve got all the pawty ideas to make the event super special!

1. Get Your Own Runway

Head on over to your nearest Party City and pick up a Hollywood Red Carpet Runner - make sure to check the labels though! 

Party City stocks carpet runners in lengthy 40ft sizes and their smaller, more manageable 15ft sizes

2. Set a Dress Code

When inviting your friends, remember to set a dress code for the party so they’ll be photo-ready when they walk down the red carpet runway.

Well groomed dog wearing a black and pearl ribbon

3. Make Some Pup-Friendly Mocktails

Champagne? Check! Classy finger food? Check!

But wait - don’t forget to make your pup a fancy mocktail so they can get the VIP experience too! May we recommend making a paw-termelon margarita?

Simply grab a cup of frozen, seedless watermelon cubes, and blend it with 2 tablespoons of coconut milk before serving this sweet, extra-special drink to your very own doggy superstar.

Watermelon Margarita

4. Prep the Red Carpet Playlist

Put everyone in the mood for some glam photos with the pawfect playlist to help your friends and guests pose. I 100% recommend checking out our very own sniff pose playlist to help get your own red carpet playlist started.

Singer in front of atmospheric blue and red fog

5. Take-Home Goody Bag

Make the night memorable and fill a take-home goody bag filled with tons of fun products, maybe some doggy toys and snacks! Here are a few ideas of what you can fill in your goody-bag:

  • Tennis Balls
  • Pup-safe pastries and biscuits
  • Dog stickers - you can buy packs of them online on Etsy or Amazon
  • Poop bag rolls - because no dog owner can ever have enough poop bag rolls! 
Dog holding a small paper treat bag . The dog

6. Award Your Own Custom Doggos' Choice Award

Make it an extra special TIFF-themed party and have your guests vote for their favourite runway pup and award the winner with their very own Paw-ple’s Choice Award!

Download our free printable Doggos' Choice Award Canva template to print out for your own party. 

Husky laying down with ribbons and awards in front of him

Need some cute category ideas? Then consider using these Doggos-approved options:

  1. Doggos' Choice Award - Best Musical Howl

  2. Doggos' Choice Award - Rookie of the Year

  3. Doggos' Choice Award - Ultimutt Talent

  4. Doggos' Choice Award - Best Snout

  5. Doggos' Choice Award - Best Booty

  6. Doggos' Choice Award - Tongue Out Tuesday

  7. Doggos' Choice Award - Best Chicken Thighs

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