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DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs Doggos

DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Spooky season is almost upon us which means there’s no better time to start planning your dog’s Halloween costume! I mean who doesn’t love an opportunity to dress up your doggo?! These DIY Halloween costumes for dogs are perfect if you’re in a pinch.


Not all costumes need to be scary! If you’re after a feminine look, DIY'ing a unicorn costume is a breeze. Make the horn out of cardboard and decorate it with paint or markers. Add some colourful yarn with hot glue if you feel like getting a little fancy!


Head to your local craft store for yarn and hot glue and you’re well on your way to completing this costume. It's also comfy and easy for your dog to wear all night long! 

Glow in the Dark

Stand out on Halloween with a glow-in-the-dark costume. Take a look at this stylish dog bandana that lights up when the night comes! We can’t stop laughing at Jenna Marbles’ YouTube video where she dresses her dogs in a bunch of costumes she bought online!


Devil and/or Angel

When it comes to DIY Halloween costumes for dogs, we can’t forget about the devil and/or angel costume. You can make both the halo and devil horns from pipe cleaners and cardboard and you’re good to go!


Gently wrap some gauze around your pup until they’re covered and you’ve got yourself a costume that’s effortless yet still looks put together. Talk about a win-win! 


If you’re after a low effort costume that’s still cute as heck, a ghost is perfect. Find any old sheet you have lying around and cute a few holes for your doggo’s eyes and mouth.


You can’t go wrong with a witch costume this Halloween! If you're crafty, you can try crocheting your own hat or choose to take things down a notch or two by throwing on our witch dog bandana.

Final Verdict

Which one of these Halloween costumes for dogs was your fave? We can’t wait to hear what costume you’re going to dress your pooch in this year! DM us your costume on Instagram and come back to the blog each week for more dog news and updates.

Lots of love, 

Francesca & Hershey

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