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Dog lying on ground with one paw covering its eye and a tongue hanging out

5 Low-Key Cringey Things We Do to Dogs as Dog Owners

Here at Doggos, we happily self-describe ourselves as a little (okay - a lot!) dog-obsessed.

Sometimes the things we do to our dogs in the name of love and adoration for our canine friends can come across as a little… strange or even a bit embarrassing to our non-dog owner friends or less dog-crazy family members.

Do you ever find yourself cuddling on the couch, suddenly overcome with the desire to grab your dog’s paw.. and take a nice big whiff of...ahhhh that popcorn-y, corn-chippy, slightly sweet, slightly salty smell

Because we have, and we think it's simply divine!

Do we get weird looks from our non-dog-owning friends? 100% yes! But we take comfort in the fact that we know that we're not the only weird dog paw-rents out there doing some strange and cringey things with our dogs. 

Earlier this week, we asked our followers what other weird and maybe embarrassing things they do to their dogs and rounded up 5 of our favourite ones to share with you.


…you ready to compare notes? Let’s go!

1. Blowing Raspberries On Their Bellies

One of our followers wrote that they blow raspberries on their dogs and let's be honest when we see our dog's belly up - we’d totally do it too!

What else are you to do with the belly? Just scratch it? Too simple!

Dog on it

2. Wiping Those Eye Goobers with Our Bare Hands

Sometimes our dog’s eyes can get a little crusty and goopy, and so many of us automatically just use our bare hands to wipe it off, maybe swipe that eye booger on our shirts, and continue with our day. 

We've had quite a couple of followers confirming that they too aren’t afraid of getting a little dirty to make their dog’s life just that much more comfortable. They’re both happy to wipe their dog eye’s eye gunk with their own fingers!

Close up of a dog getting it

3. Spoon Feeding Our Dogs Their Meals

You know what we think is true love and dedication? 

A willingness to do whatever it takes to cajole a less-than-hungry dog to eat their food with whatever techniques it takes. When one of our follower's 8 month old pup isn’t willing to eat his meals, she’ll grab some utensils and spoon feed her cockapoo the rest of his meal. 

Talk about one dedicated dog momma! 

Side profile of a dog wearing a brown collar looking up. In front of it

4. Speaking to Our Dog in Public

Is there any pet owner out there that doesn’t talk to their pets at home? Whether it’s asking them how cute they are (the correct answer is always too cute), or how their day was, talking to our dogs has become an integral part of our well-being and at-home lives.

After all, pets make excellent conversationalists - they never interrupt your rant, accidentally share your secrets with someone else, or judge what you say.

Woman with braided hair is holding up a puppy in delight. The puppy

But… have you ever caught yourself doing it in public?

Sure, there might be a few eye rolls from our neighbours and passerbys, but we get it - sometimes it just makes sense to tell our dogs that “No bubba, that’s our food, not yours” when we’re outside.

5. Letting Our Dog’s Stuff Take Over the Entire Apartment

City dwellers know that when it comes to living space, every wall shelf, floor space, and even spare inch of our home is precious when it comes to buying and storing stuff.

But when you own a dog, you find yourself magically owning multiple dog beds, extra harnesses, random accessories, and one day you wake up to find out your apartment is completely filled to the brim with dog stuff!

Are you trying to tell us that 7 dog beds is not a normal amount for a pomeranian? 

Image of a set dog toys including a ball, tug rope, and some textured rubber tug/chew toys. On top is an Instagram story response to the question: What are some embarrassing things you do as a dog owner?" with the answer: Let my dog

No section (or for those of us living in larger spaces - rooms) is safe from dog paraphernalia!

Have Another One to Share?

Have other low-key cringey things you do with your dogs that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below or share it with us on Instagram at @OntarioDoggos

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