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8 Dog Products We Can’t Live Without!

8 Dog Products We Can’t Live Without!

Having a dog can be a lot of fun, especially when you get to find new products both you and your dog will love. Not only do these 8 dog products make it easy for dog owners to find quality products but they also provide you with an opportunity to support local businesses! 

1. Pooch Patch

If you don't have a backyard, this one's for you. Pooch patch brings a patch of grass to your balcony, so your pup can go potty at arms reach.

2. ‘I Let The Dogs Out’ Face Mask 

While things are opening up, face masks will still be around for a while! This unisex face mask is reusable, has adjustable ties and is sure to get some attention. 


3. Wearable Leash 

A wearable leash is perfect for dog parents on the go. It makes going on walks so much easier, especially if you’re out running errands and need to use your hands! They also come in a wide range of colours, so you’re bound to find something you love. 

4. Doggos Dog Mom Necklace

Are you a proud dog mom? Then this necklace is perfect for you! Coated in 18k gold, you can wear it every day and it won’t tarnish. Wear it alone or pair it with other gold necklaces for a unique look. 


5. North Hound Life’s Organic Berry Blast

If you’re looking to change up your dog food, look no further. The Organic Berry Blast is made from real ingredients even humans can eat. It’s a healthy and tasty option to add additional nutrition to your pups meal! 


6. Gentle Paw Fanny Pack 

Have you ever forgot to bring treats, a water bowl or poop bag on a long walk with your dog and regretted it? Well, this expedition fanny pack keeps all your necessities in one spot, while keeping your hands free. 


7. Resolve CBD

CBD isn’t just for people, dogs can use it too! Dog parents are using CBD to help their dogs with anxiety, pain, seizures, stimulating their appetite and more. 


8. Toronto Dog Bandana 

Time to run through the 6ix with your doggo while sporting our Toronto dog bandana! Show your city some love and look cute while doing it. 


Stay up to date with dog news on our blog each week and follow our Instagram to find our latest products! 


Until next time,


Francesca & Hershey 🐾

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