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Woman wearing sunglasses smiling while giving a golden retriever scratches on the muzzle

Directory of Canadian Black-Owned Pet Businesses

Black History Month is the perfect occasion to acknowledge and amplify Canadian Black-owned pet care businesses! Proactively seeking and buying from these Black-owned shops, stores, and brands is one of the many ways to be an ally and show support to a community that continues to be deeply affected by prejudice, racial discrimination, and economic inequality.

This month, we are excited to shine special spotlights on:

  • Canadian Black-owned pet care businesses and

  • Other Black-owned pet businesses that ship to Canada 

  • How to find other Black-owned Canadian Businesses

Your money can make a difference, especially when you continuously choose to buy Black for pet care staples like dog food, treats, and support their services. Our hope is that you'll find some new favourite products and services here that you can continue to shop long term - be sure to check back regularly as we continuously update this list!

Black-Owned Canadian Pet Care Businesses

Dolce Dog - Close-up of the Leash Mitten in blue

Dolce Dog

Location: Scarborough, Ontario

Hate dealing with frosty fingers while your pup enjoys the winter wonderland? Say goodbye and hello to loving winter walks with your pup again! Started by Jeanelle, Dolce Dog was created to be the ulti-mutt weapon against the winter chillies and dealing with lost leashes in the winter time. 

Protect your leash hand from the winter elements with the waterproof, fleece-lined mitt that allows you to thread your leash in your mitt! We think Jeanelle is a genius for coming up with this and our leash hands will forever thank us for this nifty and warm Leash Mitten product!


Dog and Groom

Location: Toronto, Ontario

If you’re looking for a professionally trained pet stylist in Toronto - then be sure to check out Dog & Groom! Joy Nedricksmith, the founder and owner of Dog & Groom is a groomer dedicated to her craft. Trained by Marnie Mathison of Pets Beautiful Canine School of Professional Grooming, and a regular participant in grooming seminars, Joy specializes in grooming a variety of dog breeds including:

  • Airedale

  • Bichon Frise

  • Bouvier

  • Coton

  • Ganaraskan

  • Goldendoodle

  • Havanese

  • Lhasa Apso

  • Labradoodle

  • Maltese

  • Newfoundland

  • Retrievers

  • Schnauzer

  • Shih Tzu

  • Spaniels

  • Terriers

  • Poodle

  • Portuguese Waterdog

  • Westie (West Highland Terrier)

  • Wheaton

  • and other large dogs

Whether you’re looking for full grooming services, teeth cleaning, nail touch ups, or even a doggie daycare service, look no further than Dog & Groom for all your pet grooming and care needs!

Meow. Bark. Shop. Teal and Pink Logo


Location: Milton, Ontario

Who’s the most dapper pup in the room? 

Your pup - if they’re wearing the beautifully handmade pet accessories made by MeowBarkShop

From bowtie collars, cute dog bandanas, everything you find in this Etsy shop is lovingly made by Jamie. 

Considering how cute all the pup posts are on her Instagram and Etsy shop, it’s hard to believe that Jamie wasn’t always a dog lover! 

But when the sweetest chocolate lab entered her life, everything changed. We need more stories like this! 

Truly the power of unconditional love! Have a dog lover who wasn’t born that way too? Then these accessories will make the gift that much more meaningful when you share Jamie’s story with them too!

Image of Masina Kakese of Q&A Dog Training posing outdoors with a chocolate lab in her arms

Q&A Dog Training

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Masina Kakese, founder and owner of Q&A Dog Training puts the humane in the word humane. 

If you’re looking for positive, force-free dog training methods in Vancouver, British Columbia she’s your number one girl - and has all the credentials to back her up too. 

As a member and graduate of several dog training academies, guilds, and owner to several training certifications from multiple associations, you’ll know that you’re amazing dog training hands when you work with Masina. 

Whether it’s working with reactive dogs or rescues with difficult experiences, Masina is committed to ensuring you and your pup can lead your best, most enriched life.


Other Black-Owned Pet Care Businesses (that ship to Canada!)

While these businesses aren’t owned by Canadians, we can still look to our European and American neighbours to support other Black-owned pet care businesses. We’ve done the curation work for you - all the brands below offer international shipping to Canada, so go ahead and add these products to your cart!

Bark & Tumble

Location: United Kingdom

When designer Leah Bertram founded Bark & Tumble, she wanted to prove that style and comfort are not mutually exclusive. This UK-based pet lifestyle brand is focused on producing luxury, contemporary, and ethically made petwear and goods.


Location: Los Angeles, United States

With a tagline “the official streetwear brand for dogs” you know that FreshPawz will help you SLAY that runway we call life. 

Find leashes, harnesses, raincoats, and even Champion-collab dog sweaters

What’s also amazing is that five percent of every FreshPawz purchase goes to the PetFinder Foundation, which works to keep pets from being euthanized. How pawsome!

GabeJade Accessories

Location: Texas, United States

Back in 2015, Ade Ogbomo was inspired to start GabeJade Accessories when her beloved 7-year old nephew ran into her room shouting, 

“I want a bow tie that looks like your African dress with all the beautiful colors”. 

After Googling “African bow ties” and feeling disappointed with the results, she decided to create one for her nephew herself using a box of needles, one of her dresses, and a good pair of scissors. 

People loved the unique bow ties and asked Ade where she got them and how they could buy them too. And the rest, you could say, was history! 

GabeJade Accessories creates and sells African dog bandanas, bowties, and even matching accessories for the entire family.  Her Etsy shop offers international shipping.


Location: Wisconsin, United States

Do ECG graphs excite you? What about illustrated strands of DNA? Ever wanted the chance to don your dog in a periodic table of elements bandana

Then, you really need to check out Corelle Rokicki’s shop - SciPaws

Go ahead, nerd out a bit and deck your pup with all her science-based accessories! 

What’s even more amazing is that a portion of her sales regularly goes back to a variety of organisations working to protect dogs, marine life, and other endangered animals too.

Sir Dogwood

Location: Chicago, United States

“Because dogs are everything”. 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Founder Chaz Olajide makes the world of dog clothing, pet home decor and everything else in between a little bit more glam at Sir Dogwood

She offers a carefully curated selection of dogwear from independent designers and regularly features women-owned, and BIPOC-led pet brands. 

Sir Dogwood really hits the nail on the head when it comes to branding by offering aesthetic, BIPOC-supported that not only looks amazing, but also gives back to the community. 

The brand also supports the Chicago nonprofit One Tail at a Time, and CARE (Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity), an organization devoted to animal welfare.

Trill Paws

Location: Los Angeles, United States

Get your pet tags, collars, leashes, and your dog mom/dog dad merch from Trill Paws

Founded by Rachel Jones, you’ll discover some of the most unique, witty, and cleverly worded dog tags in the market! We bet you some of our dog treats that some at least ONE of her dog tags will make you laugh out loud - they’re that hilarious!

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