Welcome To Doggos 

Doggos creates accessories that seamlessly fit into the exciting and purposeful lifestyle of owning a dog.

Why Doggos?

As a dog mom, I've struggled finding products that are stylish, affordable and long-lasting. I also felt like the corporations selling dog goods like PetSmart and Walmart care more about their bottom-line than the individual needs of the dog owners themselves.
Doggos is a whole new ball-game (pun-intended)! A brand that genuinely cares about your needs because we are dog parents ourselves. With feedback from our community of over 15,000 dog owners, we create adorable products that fit in the dog parent lifestyle - from afternoon walks to your dogs birthday party!
Ontario Doggos Community
From Ontario, Canada? Join our online dog parent social club. We host fun weekly contests, monthly dog parent meet ups in Toronto, and most importantly, we get your feedback on what is missing in the market.
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"Dogs truly make the world better. They make us smile with their spontaneity and melt our hearts from their sweetness. Our goal at Doggos is to make shopping for your dog as fun and adorable as your furry companion."
- Francesca McFadden, Founder of Doggos