Bandana Sizing

Choosing a size can be tough if you're guessing! Our sizing is based on a dog’s neck circumference. We recommend measuring your dog’s neck with a flexible measuring tape before selecting a size. That way, you can know for certain that the bandana will fit perfectly. 

Don't have a measuring tape? We got you covered. Send us an email with your address and we will ship a disposable measuring tape to your door for free!

dog bandana sizing chart 

How To Put On Our Bandanas

Our bandanas are crafted with your doggo in mind! Each bandana comes with snaps that help ensure it's sitting properly on your dog. The tie and snap method is incredibly easy. Begin by folding down the bandana once or twice from the top. We usually fold it twice but it's completely up to you. Once it's folded, gently tie the ends into a knot and snap it shut! 

This will keep the bandana snug on your dog all day long, without having to worry that it will fall off. Once you learn how to fasten the bandana properly, you'll never forget it.

Still confused? Watch the CEO of Doggos, Francesca McFadden, explain how to tie your bandana properly with the help of her precious doggo Hershey!